As I said Tom, this probably will just end up being a "suck it and see" type of question.

currently my opinion is that the mouse is a more specialized form of control and useable for specific sorts of in game challenges, ---- precise targiting or use as a throtle. If people would prefer to use a mouse in a space invaders game, ---- fair enough if the option is there.

Currently though, I'm less keen on the mouse being simply a substitute control method. Just as the mouse requires different sorts of physical action, it should be suted to those sorts of actions.

if the mouse is used in a game, i'd prefer it to be used with a distinct and definite use in mind specific to the control method of a mouse, ---- such as that seen in the gestures game, or planned in Che's fighting game. It just strikes me using the mouse to move in streight lines in a game with basic controls and targiting is something of overkill.

Just my opinion though, and if a game is developed with mouse support I'm always ready to give it a try, ---- I'd just prefer it personally if mouse support was used to it's fullest extent in games, not merely becoming a substitute for keyboards.

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