Hello Shadow Dragon,
While I certainly understand your position, your frustration, etc I think it is better in the long run if we try to help Anthony rather than attacking him. In my conversations with Anthony on and off list I discovered we are dealing with someone who isn't a very skilled computer user to begin with. Just a few days ago Anthony had a problem selecting items using the combo box on the audiogames.net web site. After talking with him off list I discovered he wasn't aware he needed to press enter on the combo box to get Window Eyes to disable MSAA/forms mode so he can use the combo box on a web page. To some that sounds like a very stupid mistake, some might think of Anthony as an idiot, but he simply has not had the same level of training that some of us had. Therefore we have to walk him through this not assuming anything, taking anything for granted, and when giving instructions give him detailed instructions to him as a totally new user to the computer. Let's put it this way. If you knew someone recently whent blind, gave him/her a new computer with a screen reader on it, would you expect him or her to know how to use the screen reader, browse the web, install games, whatever the first day? Probably not. I know I certainly didn't learn all I know over night. I did however work hard to learn all I could about computers, and years later I am very skilled at using them.

Shadow Dragon wrote:
> Most games give system requirements, and installation instructions, and
> a lot is covered on just about every audiogames page thanks in part to
> dark, richard and a few others. Had you just taken the time to explore
> the audiogames website and read some game documentation instead of
> trying things for about 2 seconds, giving up and acting like a victim
> like you're doing now, you probably would have been in business long
> ago. I can understand that not everyone is a computer jenius, and odds
> are I don't have too many friends here due in part to a fiasco on my
> part a while back, but I don't like to see others blamed for one
> person's falts. So take it easy, quit playing the role of a victim and
> you'll get a lot farther in what you try to do. Appologies to the mods
> for borderline flaming.
> Having said that there are a lot of online games and offline text games
> such as world of legends that can be played without framework and other
> such things, as well as very basic games like tournament and probably a
> few others. Usually the truly good ones have some requirements attached
> to them though.

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