Does anyone know what happened to Vip gameszone? 

Their obviously stil around sinse their stil selling games, ---- and indeed 
last year they upgraded all of their games to run under vista, but it seems 
ages sinse we've heard any release information from them, -- or seenany game 
content updates. 

This imho is a shame, sinse Lords of the galaxy has some of the best sounds 
I've heard in an audiogamee, ---- and if some of the game balancing issues like 
the exchange cash option and using space trucks to transport anywhere were 
removed, ---- or at least tweaked, it has the potential to be a really 
interesting multiplayer game.

Ditto with Galaxy ranger, ---- though in the case of that game, I'd just like 
to see some improvements, such as actual features on the map, and maybe some 
different units or the ability to build extra bases. 

While I know we've got Sound Rts for serious stratogy, I stil do like the 
stratogy/action mix of galaxy ranger, and would love to see some upgrades to 
the game. 

Beware the Grue! 

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