GMA tank commander is really fun too, as is mota, even though it's still in 
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  Hi tony.

  If your looking for adventure type games, then you might definitely want to 
  check out the catagories on for gamebooks, ---- as well as 
  the sites I mentioned such as Sryth.

  For other games once you get direct X installed (which shouldn't be too much 
  of a problem at all), I can suggest trying Shades of Doom from 
  Gma  (an action/exploration shooter title), and 
  Sarah from pcs.

  I can also strongly recommend smugglers 3 and 4 from Nielsbaur games. These are scifi trading and 
  adventure stratogy games, --- which, though not intended to be accessible, 
  have proved extra compatible with screen readers, ---- and the creater of 
  the games has also included compatibility features when he found out the 
  games worked.

  I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to come back if you have any questions.

  Beware the Grue!


  These were not intended to

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  > Thanks Dark,
  > I already have and play Jim's games I have a personal relationship with 
  > Jim. What I am looking for are like the scavanger or adventure games 
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