Ok, lets see what I can do here.

Possible spoilers below.

The end point of the silver maze could be where the frabat is. It's the room that has a tomb in it. As for what to do there, if you haven't seen the tip since its random, I can tell you that if I remember correctly, one of the peasants claims that the key is "Under" the silver maze. You'll need a tool here that's used very seldom in the game. though how a peasant found out that the key was down there and why he didn't claim it for himself is beyond me, *grins*.

As for the weyring maze, that one's a bit trickier. You can always get into the maze, the tough part is getting back out. Given that this one's just frustrating if you don't know the mechanic, if you haven't already figured it out I'll just tell you that you need to have full health to be able to turn the rusty wheel. You'll have to keep a lot of salve handy to accomplish this, since that maze saps health like noone's business. Once you've turned the wheel, I've found the best way to get back to the entrance is actually, surprisingly, to wander aimlessly, since the go in a single direction mechanic doesn't seem to apply here. But once you get back out, the weyring is yours.

Hth, and hope you decide to take up the game again.
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Yep, the silver maze indeed is one of them. If the end point is where the phrabat was, I've been there many times, ---- in fact found it on my first go, but other than the demon there doesn't seem to be anything there.

the other maze was the wherering maze in the mound, ---- though the main problem there is the entrance only seems to appear sometimes.

Certainly some tips on the silver maze would be nice indeed if you've got them.

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