Hi folks.

Since I sort of opened this can of worms, I will do my best to close it back up again, without making this a long drawn out message that is hard to write and even harder to read. grin

First off, I love April Fool pranks, and I did get a kick out of this one

Basically, I just snapped yesterday. It is funny what tiny little thing can set a person off at times.

I work with a lot of newly blinded folks, teaching them how to use computers and that kind of thing. It just so happened yesterday, I had two clients that were like scared little rabbits when it comes to the computer. In such cases, every little step they can make to use a computer is a wonderful thing.

When I saw the post asking where to download Mota Beta four, it was clearly obvious that the individual did not read the e-mail, and went straight to the web site. Like Charles says, one should read all e-mails when a new game or beta comes out. This is true and does make sense. However, Thomas did post a message several days back, discussing the new features in beta four,, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility that someone may have just gone to the website rather than rereading something that was already posted a few days back.

When I read that e-mail, a thought occurred to me. What if the person asking the question was like these two clients. They saw a message, went to the web site, looked for the game, couldn't find it, and posted what they thought was a legitimate question? And what if reading a message, no matter how much in fun it was, saying wow they sure fell for the joke didn't they, was enough to make a beginner turn away thinking that people thought them incompetent? Yeah yeah, I know, that sounds silly, and blown way out of proportion. grin But, in my line of work, I have seen it happen before.

Like I said though, I know I blew things out of proportion, and I chock it up to having one of those work days that just drive you nuts. I should have never even posted, but since I did, I can't undo the situation. grin

All I can do is try and dig myself out of this hole and apologize. Sheepish grin.

Ok, snap and message over. grin

Game on!


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