To use quick slots, and this is provided you use jaws, you need to use the drag and drop feature of your screen reader. You have to go into the character tab of the character you want to equip with potions, then select a healing potion and drag it into one of the slots that says empty. It takes a bit of getting used to but it works. To drag and drop use control insert left mouse button, and then again on the slot where you want to drag to. If you can't get that down pat, you can take the slightly longer but much easier route, go into the character tab, find a healing potion, right click on it and click use. The only problem is you can't target healing potions, they're just used on the character you use them with, so it has to be the character's turn that you want healed. Hope this helps.

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Hi Shadow dragon

 Okay after some playing I've been doing okay with it.  The one thing I
need to figure out is how to use healing potions maybe this is that quick
slot you mention?  There's been a bit of a curve being an accessible RPG
party with this one, and there are still some times I don't quite get the
action I'm hoping for but I think that's just experience. It's looking good
so far and does work [though I wish it were a tad neater] with screen


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