The demo will stop you after you complete the first dungeon and try to go into the forest. The full version lets you explore the forest, and continue the plot for a ways, but for some reason the developer, in his infinite wisdom, stopped developing the game after you reach a certain point and decided to just sell it anyway. The only redeeming factor is that the source code is freely available, so if someone with enough patience felt like learning the editor, which is easily accessible, they could continue the plot.

As for weapon levelling, as far as I saw it works just like the attribute distribution screen. But like I said its been a while since I played.

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Okay in response to that earlier message maybe it's a jaws version but after
turning on the graphics leveling was rather straight forward surprisingly
enough. However on a down side the basic stats such as strength all showed
as a graphic 0, which was what I clicked on near the stats area of the
character tab.  Weapons leveling I don't get at all so suggestions are
welcome in that area.  Finally the skills are identical to the beginning
screen with the scroll symbols. In each case you will see either a next or
a finish button.
 I'm also curious as to the diffferences between the demo and the full
version of this game.  I'm thinking for the $10 this could be an enjoyable


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