the objective of this game is to either  teleport away or get changed into a
dog magically.
you are placed in a maze and a cat is following you.
scattered in the maze are pieces of cheese. most pieces, when eaten, will
increase your strength or simply give you bonus points.
if your strength is increased, you can run faster.
use all 4 arrow keys to move around in the maze.
hold down an arrow key to move continuously.
the cat will try to catch and eat you.
the sound of the cat moving is signified with a clarinet.
the louder the clarinet the closer the cat is to you.
the sound of you, the mouse, is signified with a pickelo.
the sound of the dog is signified with a bariton saxophone.
in the maze there are mouseholes. you can hide in a mousehole to prevent
being eaten by the cat.
listen for the volume of a piece of cheese. the louder the sound is, the
closer you are to it.
the sound of cheese is signified by  a bell sound.
the sound of fish is signified by a symbol sound.
one huge piece of cheese, when eaten, changes you, the mouse, into a dog.
when changed into the dog your aim is to catch the cat and eat it up. the
moment you are changed into a dog, a large piece of fish randomly appears in
the maze.
when eaten by the cat it teleports the cat out of the maze and the game  is
when you are a mouse, a certain large piece of cheese, randomly placed, will
teleport you out of the maze when eaten.
you beat the game in one of 2 instances.
either when you the mouse eats a piece of cheese that teleports you away, or
when you as the dog manages to catch the cat.
when you walk up to a piece of cheese, the mouse will automatically pick it
up and eat it.
also in the maze are randomly placed pieces of fish.
these tastes bad when eaten by the mouse and it will decrease the speed of
the mouse.
when eaten by the cat it increases his strength and enables him to walk
faster. you can lose the game in one of 2 instances. either when the cat
catches you, the mouse or when you are changed into a dog and the cat
teleports out of the maze.

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