Hello listers,
As some of you know over the passed year or so I've been working on drafting a roll playing game along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons. At the current moment I've given the project the name "Legends of Itheria," but that could change if I had a better title for the project. At any rate I've spent a little time off and on drafting the games documentation, notes really, about the new game. Over the next couple of days or so I'll be submitting some of my notes here so some of you can get a feel for where I am heading and add any suggestions or comments you think may improve the game. In the mean time below is a small little FAQ I've created to answer some common questions. Of course, ask questions if there is something you don't see below.

Q: Will there be any player vs player game play?
A: No. I am mainly designing the game to be a single player based adventure system with many places to explore, an involving story line, and little to no contact with other adventurers.

Q: Is this game a real time RPG or turn based?
A: Turn based. While I think the new real time RPG games are good they are ultimately much more difficult and time consuming to create. Added to that I am personally interested in something more along the lines of good old fashioned paper and pen games. Thus I think I'll be using a classic text adventure design for the game.

Q: Is this game stand alone or online based?
A: I'm not sure which way to go yet. There certainly are advantages to making this a strictly web based game like Sryth, have a yearly subscription, etc I'm not sure I want to go that route. Although, the basic design for such a game should be fairly easy in principle. What I'm more likely to do is write a stand alone game that can be easily compiled and run on various operating systems and devices. If I use a very generic text based interface the same game could be compiled and run on computers running Mac, Linux, and Windows as well as devices like smart phones, PDAs, and other devices. Which also is another argument for not creating a fully real time RPG game.

Q: Will their be any different character races to pick from?
A: Like traditional DND you'll be able to pick your character's race from a list of races such as Dwarf, Human, Elf, and others. A more comprehensive list of character races will be listed in my notes with descriptions.

Q: Can I pick from a list of classes?
A: Yes. Like traditional DND when you create your character you will be given a list of predefined character classes such as Cleric, Knight, Ranger, Mystic, Paladin, Wizard, etc. More detailed information is contained in my game notes.

Q: What kinds of spells can I perform?
A: This largely depends on your character class. Some classes such as Bards can only cast spells in a specific field of magic such as Illusion where other classes such as Wizards can cast spells in several different areas of magic like Destruction, Fortification, Elementalism, Illusion, etc. See my notes on Character Classes for more details.

Q: What kinds of weapons and armer are in the game?
A: Most of the weapons and armer are what you would expect from a medieval type game swords, knives, polearms, magic wands, etc. However, I have also added some simple firearms and cannons to the game to give it a slightly unique feel. Technologically the game seams to be comparative to 15th or 16th century Earth.

Q: What sorts of enemy characters are there?
A: Itheria is full of enemy foes such as goblins, trolls, Orcs, Giants, demons, skeletons, sorcerors, and any other enemies I can think of.

Q: Do I need to remember complex commands or can I simply select from a list? A: While I certainly agree typing commands such as "stats" or "east" can be quite powerful I also am aware rembering hundreds of commands is rather difficult to do. For that reason I am more likely to present you with a list of options something like this.

What would you like to do?
Head East (e)
Head North (n)
Head South (s)
Head West (w)
Quit Game (q)

By pressing the letter closed in perenthesis the game will act upon that action. Press the letter (n) and you would immediately move north. This is much easier than having to type north followed by the enter key. Anyway, this is a short but interesting overview of the game. If you have an questions let me know and I'll try and answer them as best as I can. If you have sugggestions etc those are welcome as well.

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