Laugh. Yeah, Orc shooting sounds like a bit of fun. Although, I wasn't sure wen exactly LOTR was suppose to take place compared to actual human history. That's interesting. Although, when talking about history Europeans were technologically impared compared to the rest of the world. After all that is why they call the period between 500 and 1500 the dark ages. Nobody knew much or did anything of note in Europe because the church ran everything and science, medicine, and everything that wasn't religious in nature was discurraged. Meanwhile in China they knew all about gun pouder, drilling for oil, had more safisticated gearing, were making fireworks, etc. The Chinese didn't stop inventing and innovating while Europe stood still for a thousand years with their collective thumbs up their butts. Anyway, I'd have to check, but it might have been around 1300 or 1400 when Europeans were exposed to gun pouder.That is a nice ball park figure for LOTR.

dark wrote:
Fire arms sound cool! I particularly like the idea of a knight poncing about on a horse with his beautifuly polished, silver chased rifle, ---- lol!

Most people actually forget that Lotr is actually closer to 12th or 13th century than it is to medaeval. It's explicitely stated in the hobbit that Goblins loved explosives, and the various orc armies certainly had them, ----- though I'd guess they were just at the lighting kegs of pouder stage rather than going on to arquebus's and so on, ---- and afterall they had coloured fireworks which implies not just gun pouder, but more chemical knolidge of explosives to get the different colours.

Who knows, maybe by the time Aragorn's son got on the throne 110 years after the end of Lotr, maybe he was taking time off from the ruling business for a spot of orc shooting, ---- lol!

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