Stumbled across this mud the other day. It's a fairly neat mud conceptually, though its still a bit beta-ish. Most of the major systems are in place though, and its definitely playable. One thing that sets this mud apart from all other muds is that it actually has a storyline. Not a storyline that the players make up as they go, but NPC's that actually give storyline quests and work you slowly towards a spacific goal. There are sidequests to do as well, but the storyline's what's kept me interested. The combat system isn't anything special, sort of D&D, here's an example.

You engage in battle.
Gordan inflicts 24 damage points on Elven Adventurer.
Elven Adventurer engages in battle.
Gordan inflicts 33 damage points on Elven Adventurer.
Elven Adventurer has been mortally wounded.
You finish off the battle.
Gordan inflicts 19 damage points on Elven Adventurer.
Gordan inflicts 35 damage points on Elven Adventurer.
You have defeated Elven Adventurer!
You thereby gain 4 Experience Points.
You receive 5 Zenny.
Elven Adventurer has died.

Not all things can be mortally wounded, for example, undead fight to the last, and animated constructs like golems and forest slimes. Loot isn't convensional either, instead of monsters leaving corpses for you to loot, its more RPG style, monsters drop items ocasionally after battle in the form of treasure chests.

Back to questing, the storyline and sidequests are rewarded with items, zenny and also another type of currency called task points. Task points can be spent in the form of wishes, though there aren't very many right now.

Levelling is rather slow, but the power gains are equivalent to the levelling on most muds. For example, I would equate a level 10 on dust mare to a level 30 on the majority of muds. It can still be tough to start as a newbie, so if anyone decides to give this mud a look, feel free to ask me for help. I play as Gordan on there. The game is still fairly beta stage as I said though, and the storyline I'm told is incomplete, but I figure maybe if the playerbase picks up some things might start getting done. That's my hope anyway. Definitely check this one out for an almost mainstream RPG experience.

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