I'll basically say this. Pretty much everything TJ said is right, wining either IC or OOC is more likely to get you attacked again and again. You have to do something about it, you can't expect the coders to jump on the bandwagon and fix your problems unless they seriously mess with the balance of the game. And unfortunately, space pirating and such things is a part of miriani, not something to be fixed, so it will never get fixed. Noone's forcing you to play, if you don't enjoy the game, don't play it. Its that simple. I generally stick to games that have optional PK myself, or games that have no PK penalties, for this very reason. Miriani's fun for a while, but after a while it just degenerates into the same old thing over and over, you have your choice of missions, asteroid hauling, mining, or salvaging. That's really about it. And unless you want to be a space pirate and barely make a profit stealing and selling people's ships, which I don't because odds are high I would suck at it, then the game just gets tedius, pretty much like every other mud. Its definitely not a game for the faint of heart or those unwilling to defend their resources to earn more resources. Instead of posting complaint after complaint on the message boards that the hosts probably will never read, and on the off chance they do read them that just wastes their time, or posting complaints here that most of us don't really care about with a few acceptions I suppose, just find another game to play and move on. Its blunt, but I'm not gonna sugar coat it. Sorry to anyone this defends, but even though I'm not an avid miriani player, the complaints just get old after a while.

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