Hello All,
Finally, the much awaited TDV evaluation is out!

Almost a year after the first release of Three-D Velocity, we bring to you
an all new version. Three-D Velocity is a real-time fighterjet simulation--the first of its kind for blind or visually impaired people! If you have always wanted to fly an aircraft but were prevented because of your blindness, this game is for you! With top speeds clocked at around mach two, you are placed right in the middle of a fast action aerial dogfight with other aircraft. If you've always wanted to enjoy the thrill of going head to head with your enemy when you're more than
ten-thousand feet above sealevel, you will get that with Three-D Velocity.

The full release will most likely be release early in 2010; however, this is a tentative date only.

The demonstration allows you to play fifteen minutes of racing or death match simulation. All other functionality has been disabled.

Changes in the May 2009 Release
A little over a year after the first public evaluation release of Three-D
Velocity, we bring to you the second release. We have added several new features and functionality to this version, and it is a more accurate image of what the final version
will contain.
1.  We have extended the demo time to fifteen minutes of game play per mode.
2.  The opponent craft can now fire at you. Although this functionality was
present in the first release, we disabled it because some things needed fine-tuning.
3.  Your afterburners function more like an actual aircraft.
4.  We have greatly improved the resource management system in the game.
5.  This release contains support for flight controllers.
6. Thanks to many suggestions by players after the first release, we have rewritten the Status Mode; now, pressing TAB will place you in "status mode." From here, you can press one of several keys to get information--in other words, the status
menu is gone.
7.  We have included a full-fledged HTML documentation.
8.  TDV has been upgraded to .NET Framework 3.5, and uses SlimDX instead of
Managed DirectX.
9.  The loading time at the beginning of the first release has been

You can get the new release by visiting the BPC website:
http://www.bpcprograms.com/programs/programs.php. Good luck with your new
Munawar A. Bijani
"Knowledge is of two types: absorbed and heard. The heard knowledge is only useful if it is absorbed." - Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib, Nahj Al-Balagha http://www.bpcprograms.com

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