It would be nice to see which brands of gamepads work with the hand to ear 
games. Or which gamepads work with the largest majority of the hand to ear 
I wish to untie myself from the keyboard as well.
I've gone through two gamepads thus far. A logic tech which rand around $100 
which I was able to get my money back and the Philips retractable 2909.
I'm working with the philips retractable 2909 gamepad.
The gamepad is a duel stick gamepad.
So far I see that it works with Jim Kitchen's puppy one.
I am working level by level testing out hunter from BSC Games with the 
gamepad. So far with some practice I've gotten as far as valley of the 
tigers with it.
With the game troopanum I've gotten about level nine or ten with it.
I'm having problems landing the ship with the gamepad.
So far I've been able to play the side scroller level with blast chamber. 
But having problems finding the correct pipe and shutting it off in time.
Having some problems with the gamepad with Three D Velocity. Not sure if 
that is pilot error or game error at this time.
So once again, it would be nice to see which game pad or game pads work with 
the majority of the hand to ear games to make them more realistic and more 
enjoyable to play
I say majority of the games. The reason why I say this is that you don't 
want to pick up a game pad and have it only work with one game. If you had a 
game pad and or a flight yoke that would handle say for example Puppy one, 
mach 1, aliens in the outback, lone wolf, tank commander, and the star trek 
game. Then have that same pad work with Troopanum, hunter and blast chamber 
and Three D velocity as well. This would be great. You would have one pad 
that would work with the majority of the h to e game that are out there on 
the market for we gamers to enjoy.
So that is my two cents of this topic.
Ron and his four pawed game cheater Boz class 0409
Matt & Ron Kolesar & there great Dogs! 

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