TTS sounds
Hi Charles,

As I said though, I want to have the audio feedback that a sighted driver would 
have.  That is by listening to the sound get louder and louder as you near the 
end of that section of the track, it gives you a reference so that you can get 
ready for the next section just like the sighted driver does by looking for a 
reference point on the track.  Or like in the turn, you can start letting off 
of the steering wheel because you are nearing the end of the turn.  That gives 
one a better time because the sharper you turn the more speed it scruffs off.

I will add the option to have either the current crowd sound get louder the 
closer that you get to the wall or the old wall echo sound get louder as you 
get closer to the wall.  It is the same thing, just a different sound file.



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