Hi Dark,
That's not necessarily a bug. Comparing a screen reader to a software speech system like Sapi isn't really a good comparison in this instance. While text to speech systems like Sapi have there own dictionaries that tells the synth how to say various words, numbers, and punctuation marks, etc any third-party software such as a screen reader can over ride the voice's built in speech dictionary. For example, in Jaws you can configure it to say numbers as whole numbers, single digits, or in pares. So a string of numbers like 1, 9, 8, 6 can be spoken as 1,986, 19 86, or 1 9 8 6. That's a simple case where the screen reader overrides whatever the text to speech voice would ordinarily say given the same number in another application. Bottom line, just becauseJaws says something correctly it doesn't mean the Sapi voice or application using Sapi is buggy. It is more likely that Jaws, Window Eyes, Hal, etc has performed some extra speech processing behind the scenes and is more accurate.

dark wrote:
Hi Che.

sinse that line reads fine with JAws and not with Sapi, I would actually class it as a bug, ---- I'm only using scripting because it won't automatically read.

I've tried the command with what I believe to be the correct syntax in the trigger dialogue, ----- as I detailed, but either I did something wrong, or there is something more intrinsic to why sSapi won't read a line written in betwene less than greater than prompts.

I'm really not sure sinse as I said, apparently it reads fine with other speech methods.

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