True, but there are ways of narrowing it down to something managable. While there are over a hundred Linux distributions world wide there are only a handful such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian that are being used by blind and low vision Linux users regularly. If a company like USA Games or Draconis does plan to target Linux it makes sense to target those Linux distributions that are widely being used by blind and low vision gamers specifically. Also it is important to remember some distributions such as Vinux is itself a Ubuntu clone so anything compiled for Ubuntu 8 and 9 will work on Vinux as well. Plus there are ways to avoid any Linux specifics when developing software. For example, Debian, Vinux, and Ubuntu all use the dpkg package manager wile Fedora, Centos, Red Hat, and others use rpm. A developer can use alien to convert a package from say rpm to dpkg, or forget a package manager altogether and use a bash shell script as a simple installer. So there are ways of doing this stuff without necessarily being too linux distribution specific.

James Dietz wrote:
I get where they're coming from though - Linux can be a pain to
support what with different distros and configurations, though
stereotype dictates that linux users are more knowledgable about how
to fix problems. Give them a list of required libraries and they'll
figure it out (even if it takes a million tarballs and other


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