Hi James,
Yes, I know about the shareware license for FMOD, but there is much more to it than just dropping down $100.00 for a shareware license. If you look at the terms more closely you would see why I can't use a shareware license for my games. First, according to the license my products can cost no more than $10.00 to qualify for shareware licence status. Since all of my commercial games, MOTA and Raceway, are being sold at $35.00 they wouldn't qualify. So in order to meet the terms of the shareware license I have to cut my prices by a third, and then I need to sell ten copies just to cover the license. That doesn't even count how much money I have shelled out of my pocket for music, sounds, and time I have spent on developing these games. In short I can't sell my games for $10.00, and make a dime off of them. There is a reason my games are priced around $30 to $35, and it is a combonation of time and money spent creating them. Second, as you probably already know I have been developing a game engine, called Genesis 3D, for some time. Eventually, i hope to sell it to third-party game developers as well as use it to build my future game titles. The problem is in order to license FMOD for Genesis 3D it requires a more expensive license than the shareware licence. The shareware license is only for single one man operations, and isn't to be used by a game engine shared among several third-party developers. So FMOD becomes a lot more expensive than $100.00 per title in this case. What Josh said yesterday is true. FMOD is very expensive for a small game company like Draconis or USA Games, because a $100.00 shareware license doesn't quite cover all of the necessities of running a game company. If a game company like USA Games or Draconis is restricted to sell games for $10.00 then there isn't going to be enough money there for sounds, music, and to pay the developers for countless hours of hard work. Since Draconis and USA Games are developing high quality game engines that only further complicates the issue, because under the license terms of the sshareware license it is to be used by one developer and not by a group of developers. I hope this clears up why both Josh and I have not invested in FMOD for commercial development.

James Dietz wrote:
If you check down the "sales" page (below the other licenses and some
extra info) you'll find a license for shareware/hobbiest developers.
It's $100 per title. No source code is provided, but it's definitely
worth it. I think most if not all accessible developers could apply
for this.

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