Hi Phil and all,
Well, one of the primary reasons I asigned fire and pick up to the same key and joystick button is for ease of use when playing the game with a joystick or game pad. When you play the game a lot with a joystick like I do the player is limited to 10 to 12 buttons. So in order to do everything you can do on the keyboard many buttons have to share commands with something else by pressing at least two buttons down at the same time. Another way is by changing the buttons action or state by holstering or drawing a weapon as is often done in several mainstream games I know of. Bottom line, I guess I am developing the game from a mainstream perspective and enjoy playing the game with a joystick rather than depending on keyboard support as many accessible games often do. As a result I am certain there are many gamers here that find this way of doing things strange or overly complicated even though someone like myself is quite comfortable with it. Never-the-less it is no big deal to change it back to the way it was in beta 3 when you could press enter to pick up items and space fired a weapon. I'll just have to remap the joystick to include a pick up button and remove some other command from the joystick.

Phil Vlasak wrote:
Hi Thomas,
I liked the enter keys able to pick up objects, sort of like your left hand doing this while the space bar controlled your right hand holding weapons. If you are going for reality, then with two hands you should be able to pick up objects if you have a hand free. But if you are holding a weapon and have a torch burning, so have both hands occupied, then the enter pickup should be prevented. You could also prevent the taking of potions if you are holding a weapon and a torch too. If you don't have a torch burning your accuracy with the weapons should be less.

I think these are not critical to getting the game out and could be added later to the engine.

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