Here's a game I stumbled across a couple days ago. This one won't be for everyone. Its vaguely pokemonesque, for those of you who have played the pokemon RPG's. You play the role of a monster breeder, and you purchase and hatch monsters to fight for you in the field, in the training center or against gods, the essential bosses of the game. There's a storyline to go with it all, travelling from town to town. There's 3 different types of quests, the classic collection quests that about 99.9% of games consider quests, but this game makes things unique with two different types of quests. Roleplaying quests, which plays similar to a choose your own adventure book and you have to make the right choices for maximum reward, and also story quests, which advance the storyline. There's also an overarching quest similar to the zelda games. Its called the delivery quest. basically what you do is get an item that someone wants, and they'll give you another item for that item. You keep trading the items up the line as you go from town to town, till you get to the end of the quest and get an awesome item. I haven't completed it yet but I'm guessing the reward will be sweet.

The game has an exploration element which could be interesting or irritating depending on how you look at it. The maps are ridiculously huge, so it takes a while to get across them, but there's alternate modes of transportation such as trains, airships, etc that you can pay for to make things quicker if you wish. Train rides are free from 5 to 10 PM AST on sundays , which I think is about 3 to 9 eastern time, but I could be wrong. Either way, I recommend taking advantage of that at your earliest convenience.

The combat system is kind of neat. You have a regular attack, and your monsters also have special attacks that do different things you can choose from. The enemies also have special abilities. The combat at this point doesn't take a lot of strategy, but from posts I've seen by the developer he's planning on making it more convensional, where all your monsters will be fighting at once instead of switching out like they do now.

The game is pretty accessible for a game that wasn't planned with accessibility in mind, I've already talked to the developer and he fixed the glaring issues that he could and seems pretty open to accessibility suggestions. The only problem is that the map can't be made accessible. There's only one place you need it, and the developer gave me the coordinates for the area you need to get to, so if anyone signs up and needs that information feel free to email me. As for the rest of it, walking to towns and such, the map isn't needed. There's a coordinate system in place, and a gps where you can select your town and it'll tell you how far in any given direction you need to go to get to that town, city, etc.

Here's the link. It’s a referal link, but all using it does is helps me get breeder levels, so if you're feeling generous, fine, if not, that's cool too. Kane

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