Well, I'm slightly into the game now, have just bought my second monster (a 
worker), and am waiting for it to grow old enough to start making me cash. 

Cash flow seems actually a miner issue, sinse despite the reference I couldn't 
get my current monster (even though it's a normal type), working, whenever I 
went to the employment center I was told "ekthis wants to explore right now"  

odd indeed. 

There are slight other occasions where I believe game balancing has got ahead 
of the thelp system, ---- I for instance actually had to level my monster up 
quite far, sinse I was always told I didn't have enough atributes to begin 

The game does look interesting, i like the gamebook style quests mixed in with 
the party management aspect. 

The travel system is potentially interesting, but it does need work I think to 
make the game more worth playing. 

It's possible to wander the wilderness quite successfuly using the numbers of 
each link and the coordinates of the current square, ---- but I'd love a bit of 
description of whatever the location is. This is both for atmosphere reasons to 
make exploration actually feel! like exploration (ie seeing new places), and 
because if I am guessing what the colours on the map mean and what those arena 
types were in the training center, each square is one or other type of 
environment, ---- and this is info you don't get in textual form. 

I admit, as the map isn't very visible to me at all I might be entirely wrong 
about this. 

I think the game does look entirely promising, and if some of the issues can be 
ironed out it could in fact be incredibly fun. 

Beware the grue! 

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