Okay folks, keep in mind that this data is preliminary at best cause I haven't 
had time with the holliday to test it under the most basic of conditions, but 
this is what I did and it restored about 70 percent of my jfw reading back to 
me.  First do these things in this order, break this order and you risk 
problems down the line.  First load up fs2004 and get your plane where you want 
it.  Second, load up any real world weather if your going to use it.  Third, 
load your flight plan or create and load your flight plan so that it can take 
advantage of your updated weather conditions and move the plane to the correct 
runway.  Fourth, unload jfw.  Fifth load iyp by either assigning it to a 
shortcut key or by knowing where it will be on your desktop.  You can highlight 
the icon prior to unloading jfw if you wish.  Finally, reload jfw and proceed 
with your flight by getting back in to your flight sim window and working as 
normal, if you must work in the iyp window following these steps outlined above 
will keep jfw cursor keys and other keys working correctly.  Caution, unless 
you have no choice, don't reset the system to cold and dark.  Apparently iyp 
does something with grabbing keyboard control away from jfw, and the only way 
to correct the situation is to load iyp first, then reload jfw.  I haven't had 
a chance to test this out under flight conditions so if someone else gets to it 
prior to my posting to the list, I'll leave it to them to post their findings.  
I'll of course post my follow up when I can, but for now folks, its late for 
me, its been a long day, and I just got home and figured I'd post this for 
those adventurous souls that for whatever reason just haven't forced themselves 
to that wonderful blissful state of existence we call sleep.  *snickers.  Take 
care, and enjoy the remainder of your fourth.
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