I'm trying to decide whether it's worth my while upgrading to Hal version 

There have been several help and Ui improvements (addition of config wizard 
programs etc), which doesn't really apply to me with the amount of time I've 
been using Hal (about 13 years now), ---- literally half my life! lol. 

the main selling points from my perspective, ---- apart from any future map 
file upgrades are a couple of miner changes to firefox and Ie 8 support, ---- 
though the term "support" is a bit relative, sinse someone on audiogames.net 
was saying Hal 10 actually functioned fine with ie 8 anyway without specific 
map files. 

Be that as it may, to everyone who plays brouser games, is Ie 8 any better than 
7 for displaying complex pages such as those in Warriors 2 or Kol? 

I've noticed that in Ie 7 sometimes button clicking can be a bit hit and miss 
with specific controls such as upgrading your stats in warriors 2 (I sometimes 
have to open the page in firefox just to do this), and I know people have 
reported issues with srp spending in monster breeder. Are these reduced in Ie 

While admittedly I can get Hal version eleven on my phd's tech budgit, sinse I 
also need Hal for uni E-mail and web access and in fact writing my thesis, I'm 
stil not keen on buying something if it won't be too helpful, ---- and there 
certainly has been one passed occasion with hal version 8, ---- which did 
nothing new accept work with Vista, when I declined to upgrade Hal until a 
version came out with features I would actually be using. 

Does Ie 8 display things any better than 7? 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

Beware the grue! 

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