How to connect to (or observe) BPP Fly-ins with Teamspeak  

by Harun  

Part 1. Obtaining Teamspeak  
Part 2. Setting up Teamspeak  
Part 3. Connecting to Teamspeak server  


So, you've heard about an upcoming Fly-in for the BPP and you'd like to listen 
in? Or perhaps you'd like to get in a plane and practice your ATC lingo and ask 
questions before heading on VATSIM? Either way, the ATC comms with Teamspeak 
give everyone a better sense of flying realism.  

Note: DO NOT SHARE IP ADRESS ON THE LIST. This is a personal rule, for security 
reasons. If you need it you can email me, or Skype me.  

Part 1: Downloading Teamspeak  

We use Teamspeak to connect for voice communication in ATC sessions.  

1. Goto  
2. Download Teamspeak  
3. Install Teamspeak.  

Part 2: Configuring Teamspeak.  

1. Select "Settings", then "Sound Input Settings".  
2. Tab down to "Voice Send Method".  
3. Choose "Push to talk".  
4. Select the "Set" button.  
5. Press a key on the keyboard that you want to use for communication. (I use 
Left Control.)  
6. Select "Close."  

Part 3: Connecting to Teamspeak Server.  

1. When an event is scheduled, contact the coordinator to obtain the IP address 
for the voice comms.  
2. Go into Teamspeak.  
3. Select "Connection", "Quick Connect".  
4. In the "Server Address" box, enter the IP you were given.  
5. Enter your nickname.  
5A. If you are flying, enter your call sign Example, LM4 (Landmark 4) or SWA91 
(Southwest 91).  
5B. If you are just observing, please write "OBS_" (OBS underscore) before your 
name. Example, "OBS_Harun".  
6. Press "Connect". Don't worry about login name or password.  


A few friendly notes.  
1. If you are observing, do not chatter. Use Skype or MSN. Leave the comms open 
for the pilots and ATC. It's fine to ask questions, though.
2. Be aware that session audio may be recorded. I like to keep an archive of my 
performance. If you'd like a copy of the session, contact me.  
3. DO NOT SHARE IP ADRESS ON THE LIST. This is a personal rule, for security 
reasons. If you need it, you can email me, or Skype me.  

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