Hi Allan,

I'm writing Entombed. I'm glad you like it! I've been working on it about a
year and a half now and it's great to know it's well-liked so far. The
waypoint was orignally intended to allow you to set a location in the
dungeon and then recall that location with a press of the button. I haven't
finished implementing it though. So all it does is record the location, you
can't recall it.

There are still issues with Wanderers I need to address. They were such a
complex job to implement but I'll try to whither down the bugs as I release
updates. Same with the double named items and such.

Locate Secret is a puzzling problem for me. I didn't want to make it too
easy to find a secret via the scroll, but right now they're too cumbersome.

Armors are a little less complex than weapons so their entire effectiveness
is determined by their quality and the material they're made out of. I'll
give them a calculated defensive value that can be reported. I guess it'll
be a combination of the wearer's skill, the quality of the item, and the
material its made out of. That reminds me too! I need to add the damage
bonuses applied to weapons based on the wearer's skill too! That's an
important omission I've made there.

Characters shouldn't start with armor they can't wear, so that's another bug
I have to track down.

Sometimes information that's critical to either information or the timing of
sounds can't be interrupted. This can happen if a lot of interruptable text
flow into one that isn't interruptable -- making the entire sentence
uninterruptable. I hope that wasn't too confusing of a description.

If you haven't alreadly, join the Entombed message group here too:

Glad you like it!
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