Sounds cool Tom.

The way you describe the x men battles actually reminds me of some of the fights we have each weekend when I am playing the mutants and masterminds rp game with friends, and some of our tactics.

In one fight for example, we were up against a guy who had both a corrosive aura and would damage things on contact, and breath which could nullify abilities (he was a creation of a keltic magician).

As my character, ---- silver knight, a guy in a powered robotic sute of armor is physically the toughist there, I could pretty much ignore the aura.

So, I had the bright idea that if I were to punch the guy in the chest, i could wind him, effectively stopping his breath attacks and letting everyone else (particularly some of our team with ranged attacks), get into position in attacking him.

This practically required the gm to check my strength powers against his breath weapon, ---- a dice roll check, but was based entirely on my idea to wind the chap with a punch to the chest.

While obviously this sort of free thinking is entirely outside the realms of possitibility for a computer program without some kind of Ai (or at least a hell of a huge text parza), I do wonder if the system of having many possible combat actions to perform, ---- blocking, parrying, avoiding, moving close or retreating, pluss using various weapons, could be bought into the game to add at least a litle of this sort of tactical thinking.

Afterall, if your fighting a huge armored troll, you might be best of with a hit and run approach trying to dodge it's huge swinging club via agility, where as if your fighting an ork with a sword, getting in close and personal and parrying might be the answer.

Beware the Grue!


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