Hi Tom,
We do have some diffrences here.
When it comes to having an alien field to draw from, it would still be there in this story , only the aliens would have genetic matches with human beings because they are in essence human beings despite the external features and other changes. If that was not flexible enough, there is plenty of mutations out in the galaxy and even in that core empire (illegal aliens, grin). With a mutations list, you can randomly create your characters or you can pick them out from the list using a point cost deal. technically, the sky is the limit for what "race" you want to be , either pregenrated base lines, or create your own weird character. I played west end games star wars too, and I played a protocol droid who had a split personality. It was acutally an assassin droid, with protocol droid plating around it and so it would be able to get to hwerever it wanted to , do the hit, and leave as if nothing happened. So yes, I am sure robots, cybernetics, mind powers, androids, whatever it is can be generated up with a intuitive easy to use point system or random system. That should give plenty of flexibility.

When it came to multi player, I am not sure what you mean. In my mind, I am thinking of a single gamer , making up a team of characters with diffrent skills and abilities. There would be no other gamer interaction, nor seperately controlled characters by other gamers.

I mentioned those copyrighted materials because I didn't feel like trying to describe a light saber in just such a way that it was difrfrent just to make a point. I understand the copyrighted stuff from what you explained, and I was just trying to give examples of technology that could be gotten during a seeker trip. Sorry for the confusion.


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