Hi Aaron,
Well, assuming I created a simple text interface, similar to the Infocom games, there wouldn't be any software dependancies to speak of. However, seeing as the Braille Plus is a type of note taker device any game written for it would have to be pretty bare bones. I don't know at this point exactly how bare bones I plan to get with this game. I might decide to go to a more action based roll playing game since I am getting a lot of requests for something more like an FPS rather than a game book style game.

Valiant8086 wrote:
yes it uses debian linux arm, at least that's what I've heard tell of. It does 
give access to the console but I don't know anything about dependencies or 
anything like that. I'm able to connect to alter aeon and mud on it using the 
telnet client but that's about all I know how to do. It definitly doesn't have 
things like pygame built into it. Heh, too bad. Playing soundrts on that thing 
could be a hoot. If you have commands I can type to find out what dependencies 
it has so you'd know, and if it made any difference to you in the long run, I'd 
be glad to do so.

It uses hmm, I can't remember. A popular console screen reader for TUI distros 
of linux. I'd know if I heard it. You can use the number pad to navigate. 7, 8, 
and 9 move up, read current or move down lines, 4 5 and 6 do the same for 
words, 1 2 and 3 the same for characters.

>From the browser point of view, it uses minny mo, which is supposed to be baby 
firefox. It seems to work with dynamic content. I have never tried to play srith 
on it. Maybe I should to see how it works. if you did develop a browser based game 
I'm betting it would be a really simple browser page setup that the browser in 
question could handle just fine.

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