Hi list.

I am wondering if someone could please tell me how I go about getting the ATIS working in fs2004? I am programming in the weather to fs2004, I tell it to use the real world weather updated every 15 minutes, and this is downloaded into the simulator. however, I then get to the point where I want to use my radios, I start hitting 1 waiting for something to happen after pressing the ` key and eventually I begin the process of starting the takeoff making my initial contact to file my flight plan. But for some reason I get no ATIS, I am sure I must be missing a trick, because I have listened to nicks podcast about the basics lots of times, and I guess I must be missing something as it just sounds to me like he is pressing the ` key, then jabbing 1 a few times to get the weather. But to be honest I found that hole beginning section of the podcast confusing, I would actually really like to see one that simply covers communications in great detail right from before takeoff to throughout a flight to landing. As his podcast kind of starts in the middle as far as a flight goes, and he doesn't give much commentry especially while getting clearance and finding out about the weather.

I am also wondering what do I do with a lot of the information the ground gives me when I contact them? which is very hit and miss for me as I can't get used to the radio lol. I am talking about when it lists several runways for example like runway 1 runway 2 runway 5 and goes on about taxying? I mean I know what taxying is, but why the mentioning of all the different runways?

I think if a podcast was done that actually picks apart the communication piece by piece line by line that would be extremely helpful as I know about things like setting the squork but other things are still not clear to me lol.

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