I got the following from flightgear development email list. 

Hi Josh,
According to Sandi (knwon female meber and blind too) it is quite usuable. So 
much as I know it needs just a small add-on script to steer the aircrafts.
I'm sure she will answer if she reads it here. 
to 2.: the whole sim is editable, and so much as I know all programm functions 
can be made use with the keybord. 
Hope this helps
 still in work: http://www.hoerbird.net/galerie.html

well... define half accessible, your source can not have used much  
time on it. All the controls you need actually more than you might  
need for your first 100 hours in the 172 are perfectly accessible.

as stated before above you have control over all the things you need,  
and trust me even if we had spoken access on all the keys you will not  
have time to listen to jaws chittering it to you when you are al lined  
or about to get alinet with  the runway with 100 knots coming down  
with 200 feet a minute. Thought it was easy? it is you just have to  
read the manual.
  you say you have not downloaded it yet? then i wonder ... and  
correct me in case im wrong how, can you  know if it works or not ?:)
here is something to cheer you up though. Once you get the grip of it  
you can fly the f16 full tilt, or of you are mor of a glider guy you  
can ask to get a nice tow up in the feminine wiles.
I allmost forgot... this, is ,not, one of the usual " blind games "  
with all the bells and hornsthat you might expect, so it will take you  
sometime before you actually can fly the plane, however if you are up  
for it you can find me on irc.flightgear.org join the channel  
#flightgear and ask for sandi...in case i dont see you first.
have a nice day

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