Hi all

Over all I must say tarzan junior is a great game.

I want to tell you about something in level5.




If you read the manual you will know that it say if you hit the chest
with your weapon you will get unwanted surprises.

Well, its not that I do not believe what the manual  says, I just wanted
to see exactly what those unwanted surprises are.

Of course, I first saved my game before hitting the chest.

So I draw my spear and I hit it a few times and a whole bunch of enemies

So I killed them all and then I hit the chest again and I broke it.

You will hear glass breaking.

And then comes the unwanted bit.

Tarzan dies.

The timer goes off prematurely.

If the player's time is up then the mountain caves in  and kill the

Well, sometimes if you hit the chest, the mountain will cave in and kill
you even though there is still time left.

I must say I liked that sound of glass breaking.

Of course I loaded my saved game before I hit the chest  as I do not
want to waste a life after hitting the chest.

  I haven't tried destroying the chest with my sling shot but I assume
the same will happen.

The good thing is, you will not get the unwanted surprises if you hit
the chest one or 2 times.

Say for instance you hit the chest per accident one or 2 times then it
will do nothing.

But if you hit it multiple times one of those 2 things will happen. 

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