Hi all, especially jammin jerry.
I think jammin jerry is in the best position to help me as he beta tested
the game.
Jamin, I listened to your review and I remember you said that baby black
hole is the easiest mission.
Well, I find playing baby black hole on easy difficulty to be insane for me.
>From level10 the ships are falling too fast.
And there is just  too much ships on the screen at once.
It really feel like I am playing on insane difficulty.
This does not feel like the easy difficulty.
It really feels like insane.
Well the ships are behaving insanely.
If it were really the easiest, I would have easily completed the  game a
number of times.
But each time when I reach level10 I quickly lose all my lives because the
ships falls too fast.
I may have a slight chance of shooting down more ships when I shoot like
Rambo, but  then I sit with a bad lazer accuracy.
And the land your ship bonus level is just too  hard.
I really press my up arrow continuously, so muchso that my hole arm is
aching, but still I cannot land my ship.
Can jammin jerry or anyone else please give me directions on how to position
my fingers on the up arrow and the left and right arrow.
I have tried many ways of positioning my fingers but no matter how fast I
tapp the up arrow, my shihp does not land.
And I do take into consideration what jammin jerry said in his review.
If I hear my ship drifts offd to the left, I press my left arrow once or
twice, but no more than that.
The same with the right arrow key.
If baby black hole on easy difficulty were really as easy as jammin said,
ships  would have fallen  much slower.
And level16 is impossible.
There is so much ships on the screen that I get confused,  I do not know
whether I should destroy the shields or the ships first.
And a lot of the times, when I am fortunate enough to reach level16, I
cannot locate the shiels as there is too much ships on the screen.
So these are my complains for trupenam 2.

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