You forgot some of these...

1. Kidnap Tinker Bell and rub her magic dust all over the mainstream game companies toilets so that none of the employees can use the bathroom. 2. Wish upon a star, make a birthday wish while blowing out candles, knock three times on mahogany, rub oil lamps, enslave a geni, use the force, cross our fingers and our eyes, and stick a broken tooth under our pillow in order to cause mainstream game companies to forget about making money, and make accessible games because they want to make people happy. 3. Get all the blind people in the world to collectively hold our breaths until we pass out, or until the mainstream game companies agree to make accessible games.

4. Boycott all stores that sell mainstream video game consoles, mainstream video games, mainstream video game accessories, and mainstream game magazines not to mention any mainstream game paraphenalia even remotely associated with mainstream game companies. 5. Get a blind accessible video game lover elected as president, and have him or her declare martial law until at least fifty percent of all video games created are accessible. 6. Go to the north pole, and force Santa Claus and his pudgy hot chocolate loving elves to make accessible video games...or else rudolph gets a visit from Tony Verduchi the blind hitman. 7 Put subconscious messages thru hypnosis in all films, TV shows, and Music MP3's that will make the board of directers from the mainstream game companies believe that they "Must make Accessible video games". 8. Hold a "GameAid" concert where all the famous talent of today sing a song together to promote the creation of games for the blind. 9.Grab a towel, drink a beer, and Hitch hike onto a Vogan space ship and travel to a galaxy far far away where aliens treat their blind persons with respect by making games accessible for them...under penelty of death. 10. Gripe about mainstream game companies on an Email list, and making up top ten reasons how not having mainstream accessible games can really really suck.

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