I'm working on a new game for the Pac Mate, using Basic4PPC.  .  It will 
also be playable on desktop machines though.
Arcade games may not be what turns everybody's crank, but this will be the 
first full-featured one for the Pac Mate.
Assuming I'll be able to do everything I'm envisioning, the game will work like 
you'll be able to hear the leftmost and rightmost columns represented by thump 
sounds, possibly with a quickly panned sound telling the direction of 
movement--otherwise I'll have to come up with a different idea for that.  From 
time to time, UFO's will pop up and you'll have to hit ''em, just like in the 
real game.  The catch to that will be having to move your gun up and down to 
target them.  Every fourth level there will be a boss to beat.  He will pan 
left to right as well as up and down, so he'll be hard to kill.  
You will have three shields to hide behind.
You will be able to buy better weapons.  For example, you'll start with a 
projectile-based weapon and weak shields.  This will mean that you'll have to 
shoot ahead of the enemy.  Later you'll get better guns with better accuracy 
and better shields, and you'll buy all this with money you earn for each ship 
I know I know I know.  I can already hear you saying how many times it's been 
done before, but this will be the first accessible space invaders clone for the 

Now here's the thing I think will be very awesome if I can pull it off.
In all accessible games, if you want info, you have to hit a particular key to 
get it.  In this game, the info is constantly going to be displayed and 
updated, so you'll just "glance" down and see your score, number of guns left 
and so on.
I have to thank you, Phil, because your space invaders game had me hooked, and 
since I can't play it on my Vista machine I decided to make one.  I also wanted 
a cool game I could take with me--so now I'll be able to play Space Invaders 
anywhere I can take my PM.
Additionally, I wanted an actual clone--complete with all 72 ships shooting at 
you, coming at you as well as  shields to hide behind.I also just had another 
idea--on the higher levels, your shields bounce your fire back at you!
I've just started all this, so it'll be a while before it's completed.  I'm 
sure that my game will be different enough from the original that I shouldn't 
have any copyright difficulties.  Also, as I said, the game will be playable on 
Desktop machines.

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