here are how to obtain all the trofys in judgment day.

A lot of people have been wondering how many trophys there are, and what
they are.  So here's the list of trophies and how to get them.
game trophys:
Given to the user after they beat the game for the first time on easy.
have at least 65% accuracy and complete the game on easy
marksman plus
complete the game with 55% accuracy or higher on normal or hard
have any thing lower than 15% accuracy and complete the game on any
complete game with out losing any health on easy.
untouchable plus
complete the game with letting 3 or fewer enemies land on normal or hard
average Joe
Beat the normal difficulty level.
Metal Marine
complete  hard difficulty level
lead lovers
complete easy with out using any rockets or nukes
lead lovers plus
complete normal or hard with out using any rockets or nukes
close call
complete the game with less than 15 percent health
quick draw
beat commander ather with in 15 seconds on easy
Quick Draw Plus
beat Commander Ather with in 30 seconds on normal or hard.
imposible feat
Manage to complete ultra Mode
Confused Gunner
Play the game, and then lose with out shooting down a single enemy.
ather's lucky day
get destroyed with only one ship left in level 10
ather's really lucky day
get destroyed when commander ather's hover craft has five or less health
points left.
accidently find the feature of the base that wasn't mentioned to you.
use cheat codes and beat the game
total loser
use cheat codes, but manage to get destroyed
gamer's paradise
collect all 20 in game trophys
bonus games:
Rocket Blaster
Shoot down at least 330 rockets
Rocket Blaster Plus
Shoot down more than 390 rockets
Super paratrooper
Collect at least 6 bonus bags
Ultra Paratrooper
Collect all 10 bonus bags, and land safely with 320 points or more
sticky fingers:
collect at least 20 weapons, and make it out of the warehouse with in
105 seconds.
Super Sticky fingers
Collect 30 weapons and make it out of the warehouse before the warehouse
it takes a thief
earned by beating weapon search with out getting any weapons.
great number guesser
guess at least 8 numbers
super guesser.  yes sir.
guess at least 12 numbers
get bored enough to play beep
bonus round
collect all 10 bonus trophys
extra trophys:
oh boy a lobster
earned by typing "oh boy a lobster" in the cheat consoll
Jingle Bells
Play the game on Christmas
Independence Day
play the game on July fourth
12 13:
play the game at 12 13 AM or PM
1 20
start the game at 1 20 PM.
bored to death
let the game sit at the main menu for five minutes
number one
first place on any scoreboard
extra credit
collect all 7 extra trophys

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