Hi all
I realize that phil has done a great job on both games mentioned in the
subject line.
I just wish to tell ya all that I nowadays enjoy sarah more than pack man.
Pack man tends to stress me these days.
The ghosts appears just suddenly out of no where, so the  player can easily
lose all his lives.
On the contrary, sarah is a much calmer game.
Although there are certain puzzles and although the player can lose the game
by being captured by the caretaker and killed by a bugger/dementor, the
sarah game  is much calmer.
If a ghost touches sarah, all she loses is a bit of magical energy.
And that, she can easily get back in many ways.
Obtaining magical items such as brooms etc. can give her energy.
By Eating sweets and food.
And scaring ghosts with her patronous.
Another way in which sarah stands out above pack man.
In pack man the player  have to go to an alcove to get super power and faces
the risk to get killed by a ghost in the process.
And there is only 4 super power pills.
In sarah, the player can just  hit e and he/she can scare the ghosts for
some time.
And also in sarah the player can obtain many patronoses in wands picked up.
Whereas in pack man, the player is limited to only 4 super power pills per
Also, in sarah, the first patronoses last shorter than the latter ones, when
she acquire better wands.
This is contrary to pack man where super power lasts longer in lower levels
and gets shorter as the player progresses.
In the sarah game, the player can just hit a and instantly appear in the
broom cupboard, although the player is limited in aparation spells.
on the contrary, the player have to find the safe place in the pack man game
and again, facing the risk of being touched by a ghost and lose a life in
the process.
One last thing I want to point out.
The ghosts in the sarah game speaks meaningful phrases, taken from the harry
potter books.
The ghosts in pack man: all they can say is.
Go now, go now, go now.
Leave now, leave now.
Winky wants you to go.
I sincerely wishes phil,if  he gets time for it, can develop an ms pack man
where the pack man character can also aparate like sarah and also hit e to
get super power.
And it will be nice to have peeves, nick, murtle and professor bins in the
pack man game than pinky, inky, winky and clide which can get quite

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