HI all
I have mentioned this several times privatley to phil, but I understand
fully if he does not respondaat this time as he is very busy.
I just wanted to know if  anybody experience the same bug.
This didn't happen on the easy difficulty.
If memory serves, the bug started occuring on the first or second floor
of hogwarts. Each and every contact with a ghost and the program
let me explain this very clearly.
When you, the player, awoke lets say 8:00 in the morning, lets say on a
saturday,  and you had your first cup of coffee and you decided to
start the day with some hogwarts adventure. You switch on your pc, and
then on the desktop, you either hit a hot key to launch the sarah game
if you have created one  or you click on the desktop icon or the icon in
your programs menu, whichever way .
Then once you launched sarah, you hear chimes, it will play until you
hit enter. Then the pcs logo plays, like the manual says you can
interrupt any logo with control.
So its first the pcs logo, then the draconis logo and then the sarah
theme song.and  Then you are in the main menu.
Now, when I get touched by any ghost, the same thing happens that
happens if you launch sarah.
I hear chimes, it plays until I hit enter, then it plays the pcs logo,
the draconis logo and the sarah  theme song, and I'm placed in the main
This is so frustrating, but I'm not cross with phil as I realize phil is
working his fingers blunt to develop sarah.
But for me,  the player, this bug frustrates the living wax out of me.
Even if I touch a ghost while  in patronous mode, the program restarts.
the only difference is, while the launching chimes plays, I still hear
the patronous music.
if I press enter and the pcs logo  plays,the patronus music stops.
It even happens some time that when I stun a ghost, the program also
restarts. It does not happen that often, but  what happens mostly is
that any contact with a ghost, and the program restarts whether in
patronous mode or not.
The program also restarts if sarah hits the baselisk with the griffindor
sword, and of course this was all mentioned to phil privatley.
also, while sarah is in the lake, if she get attacked by mur people, the
program also restarts.
the level where this bug is really making me mad is in the head master's
office, because peeves attacks sarah more often here than in any other
level. so I get touched by peeves very often and so the program
restarts the whole time and when I load my saved position in the
headmaster's office, no matter where in the headmaster's office I was
when saving, if I load my saved game, sarah goes up the automatic
so I have to wait a while each time for sarah to  go up the stair case
and then shortly thereafter, peeves attacks sarah again and the program
restarts  again.thus an entire hour went by,   where the program
restarts each time peeves touches sarah.
lastly , the program restarts when sarah is touched by a bludger.
on the easy difficulty, this did not happen.
the program behaved normally on the easy difficulty
where the bludger would hit sarah if it gets in contact with her and
take some energy away.
but now on the standard difficulty, when a bludger touches sarah, the
program restarts.
I desperatley hope this can be fixed in the coming update.
I will uninstall the game and then instal it again and install the
latest patch and see  if that helps.
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