The Football Accessible Liberty League (FALL) has 
an opening for a person is  Legally blind or is blind to manage a team.
The league features a accessible draft.  As many other main fantasy leagues 
sites don't have friendly sites for the blind and certain no accessible draft 
war rooms.

Check out the site below: 

Hurry and send me an email at:
Put in your subject - I would like a team.
Include in your email your name and your email.

You will get an invite if you make your email to be the first in my email box.
Any other email I get will get considerations and will be runner ups if those 
emails I got do not set up their teams with the needed info to be part of the 

So just send me an email and you could be managing a FALL team.

Who ever does become a member of FALL will also be subscribed to my Yahoo email 
This little email group is for all my accessible fantasy leagues, pools and 
Strat sport computer game leagues.

If you don't get a team and still want to join the email group then send me an 
email at:

In the subject line input - Add me to Liberty Leagues email group.
Also include your name and email.
I will then manually add you to the group.
Those who get added to the email group will see a Welcome email to the Liberty 
Leagues group.

Gary aka Crash Whittington
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