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Alright sony and microsoft fanboys... here goes. This game came out about two 
weeks ago for the xbl and psn. This is a bit of a retro game, as it is 
basically a side-scrolling beat em up. You can jump onto different levels, such 
as platforms, trees, and whatnot, but that's not important, only optional. This 
game very closely resembles final fight and double dragon. The one gimmic is 
that the stages are more like super smash brothers. What does that mean? It 
means that when you're in a fight, you're free to move around however much you 
want, jump onto any level, whatever, but you can't get past that section until 
you beat all the enemies. Then you move to the right and go on. It isn't like a 
real side scrolling beat em up where you're actually trying to get somewhere. 
As someone put it to me on the gamefaqs boards, "It's more like trying to stay 
alive than trying to actually get somewhere at the same time as fighting." So 
in that respect, it's more like a fighting game. But the bottom line is.. it is 
entirely playable. Though this is the one hitch, though players of older beat 
em ups should be used to this. There is no blocking, but dodging is done based 
off whether the attack is a high one or low one. Thus to dodge you hit the 
analogue stick to dodge. Up for lower, down for high. This is difficult to do 
without vision, but like I've said, if you liked older beat em ups since there 
was no real way to block or dodge without vision either, this is entirely worth 
your fifteen bucks. Controlls aren't non-responsive, very nice and tight 
actually. More on the game from me soon.. and the last point. Aside from the 
main mode, there's also endurance and time trial modes to go through. And... 
the one high point that I think I like the most... is online co-op. Finally an 
action game which isn't a one on one fighting game where totally blind people 
can work together on this. Hope some people decide to get the game... here's a 
sample. As this game is trying to simulate a chinese kung fu action movie, 
you'll hear all the typicals. Loud thwacks and smacking, and some of the most 
ludicrous grunts and yells, as well as, quoted direct from IGN, "All the funky 
70s tunes."
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