Copyright issues aside, the conversion of a mainstream product is very difficult at best.

You're assuming someone out there will have the free time to convert such a game into a format of your choosing. You're also assuming that this is easy. It isn't.

Video game companies have entire teams and departments dedicated to the development of any one product. Programmers who design games for the blind have, at best, maybe two or three cooperatives.

Video game companies have a large budget, with which they may hire additional programmers, obtain media/resources, etc. The sounds and vocal acting for these games aren't free, you know.

All that, along with a slew of other factors that I've elected not to mention (for brevity's sake), makes the prospect of converting a mainstream game into an audio-only format pretty daunting.

Also remember that, while an emulator may be free, and freely available, and furthermore legal, the possession of the roms or digital game images without actually having the original is a violation. Usage of material specific to such a game is also a breach of copyright, so that means anyone developing an accessible version of Mortal Kombat couldn't use anything from the original game. In essence, then, it would no longer even be Mortal Kombat.

You can always learn character layouts, especially in mortal kombat. Mortal kombat's character screen always speaks the name of the character you're selecting. If you're hell-bent on playing these games, invest the time in learning the character screen by selecting one character, returning to the character screen, selecting another, then repeating the process. Remember where each character is, and that's one les thing to worry about.

In fact, the character screen will be the least of your worries. Once you start playing the game, you've got to know where the opponent is, whether he/she is jumping or not, crouching, blocking, stepping towards you, walking away... most of these things are not conveyed by sound (particularly not in the older Mortal Kombat games).

I'll echo the sentiments of other respondents: Use the resources that are available.


I use both of those sites fairly frequently when I have a mind to play games intended for the sighted. Remember, the rest of us are blind, too, and we've learned that these techniques may or may not make a game playable. No disparagement intended, and I hope none will be implied, but effort and success go hand in hand. When I started messing around with my Playstation, I had to learn screens and such, remember character placements, moves, etc. While it's true I did have some sighted assistance, such was not always the case. If you'd like a rough explanation of how to make Mortal Kombat or other games in the same vain work for you, I'm sure some few of us would be glad to help.


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