Ok, lets shed some light on the matter.
The optacon, if I spell it right, is a device used in the old days to
read something.
I'm not sure what you can read with the optacon.
If I'm not mistaken, I think you can put a  sighted document such as a
book into it and then it  will  write the letters on your hand palm  so
you put your hand inside it then it will write the letters on your hand
palm .You will not have sighted writing on your hand, it just makes the
pattorns on your hand.
You need to know how  each sighted letter looks like in order to use
this machine. I do not know if it is still used today.
I hope this is not as clear as mud?

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I'm afraid I'm a litle confused. Do you mean octagon ie, eight sided

I'm not even sure I know what an optacon is let alone who invented one,
right now, my best answer for who invented opticon is you Nicol, sinse
never heard of one before now, ---- lol!
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