Wow phil, this is interesting history!
Well, I am not going to try and differ from you at all, but actually I have
a different answer to the riddle in mind.
Ok, so here is another clue.
This person, she is a female, did not really invent the opticon, as phil
just now  indicated who the real inventor is.
But this woman can, however be called some kind of opticon inventor before
the real inventor really invented it.
So guys, keep those thinking caps on.
You are going to laugh loud when I give the answer to this riddle.
You are going to call me the most original person; the person with the most
original imagination.
Just wait until tomorrow afternoon.
Sheesh, I know its long until then but just wait.
Until then, try   decipher the riddle.

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Hi Nicol,
I once tried an Opticon maching at a friend's hous so I know a little about
The company that made it stopped about ten years ago.
It had about a hundred bumps in a finger shaped curve that vibrated  when
shown dark shapes.
Theis was connected to a camera thet sent the despaly the view of what it
was seeing.
You could read but very slow, one letter at a time and you had to recognize
the forms of the print letters.
It had the advantage of being able to display everything the camera looked
at, computer screens, money, labels of cans and even handwriting.
It was expensive I think about $4000 and was sold by Telesensory Systems.
Another company bought the rights to produce the device but they haven't

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