It's kind of funny. Someone emailed me the other day asking me that if I am a Christian, why did I make an adult-oriented game. And truth be told, regardless of my beliefs, I look at music, games, and television as simply that. Music, games, and television. I know that my game is not real and that the people in it are not real. All which can be done is hope that the person playing my game, or any game for that matter, know that the games are not real. I have a wife and kids and I would not want my kids playing my adult game, but if my kids were adults and wanted to do so, more power to them.

Live and let live is what should be done.

On 9/9/2009 2:56 PM, Louise Keel wrote:
Hi everyone.

I too was raised as a Jehovah's witness and my childhood was blighted by
its radicalism. I also quit as soon as I was able to, and it took some
doing! The point is, parents do have the right to decide what kind of
computer and video games they will allow their kids to play, because
they are parents. But in my view, once you become an adult, no one, no
one has the right to tell anyone else what they must or must not play
for relaxation. This is up to everyone's indevidual conscience. I spend
a lot of time smashing up Old Man Stanley's house. this does not mean
I'm going to suddenly get it into my head to go out and start wrecking
homes here. it's. a. game!

And I may also add, in case I may be accused of predjudice, that
Jehovah's witnesses are far from the only Christian fundamentalists who
try to tell others what to play, watch, listen to, read, think. It's not
on. That is, I hasten to add, only my opinion.


Lulu Keel.

Raul A. Gallegos

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