Hi Nicol,
I think the thing to keep in mind here is it it is all a matter of perspective. As far as a Christian articles goes the articles you posted were will written, fairly balanced, and does a fairly decent job of explain the Christian point of view. They were fair in saying games such as sports games like Basketball, Baseball, etc are perfectly ok to play while condemning games like mortal Kombat for being too violent. This is to be expected seeing as a game like Mortal Kombat would definitely not per mote good Christian values. I think the over all thing too remember here is not to become a religious extremist, and try and tell everybody what they can read, play, watch, do, etc. There are things I personally disagree with such as the fact the article says that magic is evil, satanic, and an abomination to God. I know that the bible does indeed say this, but some religious groups takes it to extremes such as condemning all books, games, movies, etc that has the slightest hint of magic. In the passed Christians use to burn people at the stake or hang them for practicing witchcraft and magic regardless if it was good or evil, white magic or black magic, harmless or harmful. All are examples of how someone can take things to extremes. Weather magic is evil or not is completely a matter of perspective. Many Christians are raised to believe magic is evil, sinful, and are encouraged to avoided. As a result they reject books, movies, games, toys, and even groups that practices magic. Since the bible discourages magic they think their opinion is right and justified. However, someone born as a Wiccan would completely disagree. Wiccans believe in practicing white magic for such uses as love, fertility, healing, and other righteous purposes. A true Wiccan would never use magic to harm or hurt another person. So obviously they would not believe themselves or the practicing of white magic as evil. never-the-less many Christians would insist that the Wiccans were evil sinners. After all, it hasn't been that long ago when Christians were burning witches at the stake for doing nothing more harmful than fixing a healing potion made from natural herbs to cure someone's sickness. Bottom line, I think we all need to use our personal judgment when determining what is good or evil rather than take it from someone else. I play various roll playing games like Sryth that are in my opinion harmless, but a Christian would declare as evil because of the magic, undead creatures, and other accult elements in the game. Rather than base my opinion on some minister's point of view i look at the aim or intent of the game, and compare it to my own personal values and beliefs. I would never play anything that I personally disagreed with, and certainly wouldn't tell others with different opinions not to play game x. I believe that everyone has the freedom, the right, to make his or her own decisions provided they don't harm others in the process.

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