That's just another example of how diverse opinions can be between Christian groups, and why we should be careful not to paint everyone with the same brush. I've read that J.K. Rowling is suppose to be a Christian, but yet some Christians revile her for writing Harry Potter. There doesn't seam to be any rational or logical reasoning behind such a diverse opinion like that other than the fact some people are more liberal, open minded, and others see everything in shades of black and white. Weather or not the Harry Potter books, games, movies, and toys is actually evil, Satanic, whatever is completely subjective. That's why I think such decisions have to be personal, and someone should base his/her opinion on facts and good research rather than on assumptions.

The fact of the matter is there are plenty of good moral lessons found in each of the Harry Potter books worth teaching our children. In the Deathly Hallows Harry rescues Drako from certain death even though Drako really didn't deserve being rescued. However, because Harry was good, a caring person at heart, he put his own safety on the line to save an enemy. That shows good moral character, and is worth passing on to our kids. never mind if the books have magic, people use spells, etc good values are good values no matter in what medium is used to pass them on weather it is a game, book, or movie.

Darren Harris wrote:
And yet the author of LOTR himself was a christian and interweeved a lot
of his beliefs into the whole story. So I don't quite get that one.

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