Hi all,
I've had some time on my hands tonight so I decided to put in some time on Raceway. You know, that cool racing game that has been talked about for years and years, and never seams to apppear? That's the one alright.

Anyway, while working on, tinkering with, the half completed demo I thought how nice it would be if the game mirrored an actual Nascar season. Like where you could actually select a real Nascar driver like Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, etc and play his season virtually. One major advantage with is that I wouldn't have to make up a bunch of dummy information. All of the tracks and cars could be created to realistic specifications. Obviously by using real life drivers and sponsors here I don't have to make up names, and could use drivers and sponsors true Nascar fans would identify with. The disadvantage I see here is copyright issues, and the game would be inflexable when it comes to customization since by selecting a driver the game would default to the driver's car and sponsor.

As the game currently stands you pick a generic name like Tony, Roger, Bill, John, Jeff, whatever which is impersonal and avoids all copyright issues. Sponsors are basically a bunch of made up names like Burger Palace, USA Electronics, Computer World, and other made up names. Diddo for the tracks. Bottom line in order to avoid copyrights the game is rather generic, but it does give you the maximum flexability. This way you can select a generic name, the type of car, and select your sponsor.

I guess the point of this message is do you, as gamers, want this game to be as realistic as possible, or would you rather it to be somewhat generic when it comes to drivers, make and mottles of cars, tracks, etc. Either way the basic concept of the game will be the same, but I can make it fairly detailed or I can flush out any and all copyrighted mnames or trade marks. Which do you prefer?


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