Hi Gary,
Yeah, good point. One easy way to accomplish what you suggest is simply to use the drivers' last name such as Gordon, Johnson, Stewart, Martin, whatever. Any Nascar fan worth his sault will pretty much know who and what I mean, but it is technically not in violation of copyright law. Someone's last name can't be copyrighted simply because it is too common. A last name like Johnson is so common that I could claim no relationship to Jimmie Johnson, and Nascar can't press the matter beyond that. They would have to have absolute proof that I directly meant a specific person or product.

Same goes for tracks. I could make a track like Datona, but name it something like Florida Motor Speedway. They can't exactly pitch a fit about a track designed on an actual track, but named something else. Good ideas there.


Gary Whittington wrote:
Well,, I seen a some what interesting ways to get around this matter.

I feeling that if you can make the close to the real name. And have the game able to edit these fields, that the game who wants to have the realism, that it work take a little effort of the gamer to correct the names.

Let's say we have Jeff Gordon.
You could let it be   Skids Gordan.
Those who would know its really Jeff that should be the nick name of Skids can change it to Jeff on their own.
Or If  the game knows his car number.
YOu could  have the info as
#23 JG.
Or even if the gamer don't know that is, you could have a link in your documents to a web site, that the gamer could fetch the info and then edit.

I even seen the name just have a character replace one of the letters in the name like:

Jeff Go%dan

It looks like that its have to do with using the full name inside games that the licenses justpertain. And as long as the game has an editoring the copyrights can not touch the game since it is not sold with the exactly names of persons or products.

This would fall in the same thing with sponsors.
If a team is sponsor by "Tide".
The same things above could be used as in "Tiddy Soap"
Gamers may guess this must be "Tide".
But if they don't I feel that what every the sponsorship is nameed, it don't have to be the real product, but some thing that may souond like is alright or not.
If The game is good this would be a meer point.
But allowing the gamer to change it to any thing what , being a actually product or a made up one should be part of the game features.

And since you will be using a computer voice for the track announcer,, it allows room for a editor in the game.

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