HI all
I would like to bring up a very interesting point in raul, our
co-moderator's shades of doom walk through.
this came out while raul was demonstrating how to kill the 2 mutant humans
shooting at the player in a room in  area2.
each of the  mutant humans is standing on an opposit corner and they both
shoot at the player.
raul shared his strategy of how to kill the 2 humans without losing  too
much health.
I cannot remember raul's exact words, but  I can remember he used the word
he said something like:
"some people just go into the room and shoot like rambo."
in  the way raul used the word rambo, he insinuated that rambo shoots
without strategy.
and here is where I politely wish to disagree with raul.
friends of  mine  who share my flat with me, have watched the rambo movies
twice and they clearly told me that rambo indeed does use strategies when
they told me that rambo is very wake up, he does not just run and shoot
without strategy.
He definitley does use strategy.
I do not expect of raul to correct that bit in his recording, I just thought
of bringing this up.
its interesting to me how raul sees rambo.
I wonder why raul thinks that rambo shoots without strategy?
and  my friends indeed watched the same movies of rambo everybody knows, the
old movies of years ago.

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