HI all
I wish to bring up another interesting point, raul, our co-moderator made in
his sod walk through.
raul talked in his walk through about the  shades of doom playing area as a
I politely wish to disagree here.
I call the shades of doom area a maze instead.
and except the fact that the playing area physically looks more like a maze,
I have another good reason why I am sure its a maze and not a grid. when i
played sod 1.0, I am not sure if the same will happen in version  1.2, but
when I played 1.0 I was busy fighting the boss.
you guys will certainly remember that back in version 1.0 you only  had one
boss to fight.
anyway, I was looking all over  for the boss because he teleported away from
me  when I shot him so i was looking for him everywhere and I was running
into walls all the time.
and thus I used a cheet to blast my way through walls as i didn't had any
mines left and so it happend that I approached the most outer wall of the
so when i pressed the cheet's  keystroke to blast through this wall a
standard, windows, message box popped up.
so I loaded my screen reader and this is what the message box said:
"you are trying to exit the maze."
the wall, of course, did not move.
but there you have the most solid proof that the shades of doom playing
area is indeed a maze shape.
certainly david greenwood put that message box there himself if the player
tries to blast through the most outer wall with  a cheet, therefore david
greenwood, the creator of sod, calls the shades of doom playing area indeed
a maze shape.
but once again I will not expect raul to change that bit in his recording,
its interesting that raul sees the sod playhing area as a grid, but now you
all know that  it is indeed maze shaped.
an example of a grid play ing area would be self destruct.

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